Family Surnames

Surnames of my 16 great-great-grandparents (plus one)

  This alphabetical list of my ancestral surnames will give you an idea of some of my genealogical research interests. I do “whole family” research, so I am interested in all the siblings of my direct ancestors, their spouses and spouses’ parents. A careful reading of the entries below will show that many of my more recent ancestors called Kansas home.

 If you have original family documents or photos on any of these families that were passed down and are interested in sharing, please leave a comment or e-mail me at the address provided at the bottom of this page. Please do not include information on living family members. I do not collect or share information on any living relatives, so you will not find that information on this site.

kuhn-family-picnic-undatedKuhn Family Picnic, probaby Washington state (undated, perhaps ca. 1910). Author’s collection.

Bingaman Family Surnames, in alphabetical order

Ancestor Roundup blogger Dawn Bingaman is the author of all referenced posts

Surname: BIGHAM
Place: Pennsylvania > Ohio > Illinois > Kansas
Time Period: 1709 – 1920s
Earliest known ancestor: David Bigham of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

Post that mentions the BIGHAM family
Using the Wayback Machine

Place: Pennsylvania > Virginia > Kentucky > Indiana > Kansas
Time Period: 1730s – 1940s
Earliest known ancestor: Johann (John) Bingaman who immigrated to Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania by the 1730s.

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Headstone Record for Civil War Soldier David Bingaman
Father and Son: Pioneers of Two States

BINGAMAN & RICE posts on this blog

Bingaman-Rice Family Photo: A Contemporary Misidentification?

Bingaman-Rice Family Photo: Postscript

Surname: BINGHAM
Place: England > Connecticut > New Hampshire > New York > Illinois > Kansas
Time Period: Colonial – 1930s
Earliest known ancestor: Thomas Bingham, of Sheffield, England. His son Thomas immigrated to New London Co., Connecticut by about 1666.

Surname: BUTLER
Place: Massachusetts>New Hampshire>Illinois>Oregon
Time: Colonial – 1880s
Earliest known ancestor: John Butler of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Surname: CARSON (and variants, including CARSNER and CASNER)
Place: New Jersey > Kansas
Time: American Revolution – 1920s
Researching two Carson lines: William Carson, of either Burlington Co. or Middlesex Co., New Jersey and Charles Carson of Monmouth Co., New Jersey.

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Carson Family Group Sheet series
Introducing the Carson Family

My Carson Family Group Sheet: The Beginning

Carson Family Group Sheet Part 2

The following posts are about unraveling the identity of Charles Carson (1824-1863)

Carson Family Group Sheet Part 3: Charles & Caroline

Establishing a Death Date for Charles Carson

Another Cousin Connection, And Two Wills

Proof, in the Form of a Letter

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Headstone Record for Civil War Soldier Perrine Carson

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“Happiest when surrounded by little children”

Surname: CYRUS (SIRES, and variants)
Place: North Carolina > Tennessee > Illinois > Oregon
Time Period: American Revolution – 1940s
Earliest known ancestor: Nimrod Cyrus of Grainger Co., Tennessee

Surname: DABLER
Place: Pennsylvania > Indiana > Missouri > Kansas
Time Period: 1830 – 1930
Earliest known ancestor: David Dabler of Cambria Co., Pennsylvania

DABLER posts on this blog
Three Deaths in March 1881: A Dabler Family Tragedy

Surname: FRYMAN
Place: Virginia > Ohio > Missouri
Time Period: 1740s – 1920s
Earliest known ancestor: immigrant ancestor Charles Fryman of Shenandoah Co., Virginia

FRYMAN posts on this blog
Excerpts From a Life: Samuel Fryman
1889 Obituary of Samuel Fryman

Where There’s a Will…

Surname: HOPKINS
Place: New Jersey
Time Period: Post American Revolution – 1900
Earliest known ancestor: possibly Daniel Hopkins of Hunterdon Co., New Jersey but certainly George Hopkins of Mercer Co., New Jersey

Surname: KING
Place: Massachusetts > Vermont > New York
Time Period: Pre-American Revolution – 1860s
Earliest known ancestor: John King of Bristol Co., Massachusetts

John King’s Final Payment voucher is shown in this blog post

Surname: KUHN (also COON, and variants)
Place: Maryland > Ohio > Oregon > Washington
Time Period: American Revolution – 1960s
Earliest known ancestor: Christian Kuhn of Maryland and Preble Co., Ohio

KUHN posts on this blog
Annotated City Directories

Surname: McDONALD (McDANNELL, McDARNELL, and variants)
Place: Maryland
Time Period: 1830s – 1865
Earliest known ancestor: Margaret McDonald of Cecil Co., Maryland

Surname: MOZINGO
Place: Virginia > Washington, D.C. > Kansas
Time Period: American Revolution – 1920s
Earliest known ancestor: Jane Mozingo of either Westmoreland (or Culpeper Co.), Virginia

MOZINGO posts on this blog
Consent in a Virginia Marriage Bond

Surname: MULKEY
Place: Virginia > South Carolina > Tennessee > Missouri > Oregon
Time Period: mid-1700s – 1920s
Earliest known ancestor: Philip Mulkey of Lunenburg Co., Virginia

Posts that mentions the MULKEY family
Oregon Indian War Claims Interviews
Historic American Newspapers Website Bug

Surname: RICE
Place: New York > Washington, DC > Kansas
Time Period: 1820s – 1920
Earliest known ancestor: Cornelius Rice, possibly of Orange Co., New York

RICE posts on this blog

1894 Death of Jane (Mozingo) Rice

Surname: TYSON
Place: Maryland > Iowa > Missouri > Kansas
Time Period: Post American Revolution – 1920s
Earliest known ancestor: Levi Tyson of Cecil Co., Maryland

Surname: WALLACE
Place: Vermont > Ohio > Missouri > Kansas
Time Period: Pre-American Revolution – 1940s
Earliest known ancestor: Isaac H. Wallace of Bennington Co., Vermont
See a four generation family photo on this page:

To find all ancestors and stories that have been written to date, please enter your search terms in one of the search boxes. This list is not all-inclusive.

If you would like to collaborate on any of these lines, I can be reached via e-mail
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10 thoughts on “Family Surnames

  1. My father was a Rice, my mother was a Bingaman. Based in Washington County Maryland, now more into PA

    Like your web site, trying to digest your information. I have loads of roadblocks in my research but I will let that go for another day.

    Don Rice

    • Hi Don, I’m glad you found my site. As you may have surmised, I have a Bingaman-Rice connection as well. Mine is a bit further back than yours is, however. My 2nd-gr-grandfather, Josephus Bingaman (1844-1931) married Mary Elizabeth Rice (1849-1917) in Douglas Co., Kansas in 1870. They had 8 children, all born in Kansas. Mary Elizabeth Rice’s parents were Cornelius Rice (1824-1897) and Jane Mozingo (1826-1894) born in New York and Virginia, respectively.

      Many of the Bingamans in the United States are descendants of early Pennsylvania settlers.

    • Hi Don,
      If you are still out there doing research, I believe I have found a genealogy that pertains to your family. That is if the names Harvey and Myrtle mean anything to you. According to this genealogy, you are one of eleven children.
      Dawn Bingaman

  2. My ancestor has 2 pension cards. His wife signed off on both. The first has his real name and alias in parethesis. The second has his alias and then real name in parenthesis as his alias. It’s strange. Is there any way to discover the true reason behind this? Also: are there records somewhere that has information about the soldier and his homeland etc, etc? Happy I found this site!

    • Hello Mikey,
      If you’re looking at “cards” then those were prepared by the War Department after the fact. Any information on the card would be abstracted from information contained within the file. The widow didn’t sign the actual cards, but if you’re able to get the file, you may find her signature within if she was able to sign her name. In the Civil War pension file for George Carson, alias Cassner, it goes on and on for pages worth of testimony about why he used the different names, which gave me a lot of clues. So, order the full pension file. Secondly, I would check to see if he got a homestead. If he did, then you might find naturalization papers there. This is the website for the Bureau of Land Management General Land Office:

      • Hi Dawn and thank you for replying to my post, not to mention the invaluable help that you have already given! I wasn’t aware that I could order those documents. Where would I get them? Also, thank you for the other website. I will begin with ordering the docs and then take it from there. I am so, so pleased that i have found you. This is going to be an interesting adventure!

  3. Hello,
    I am currently in Junction City, KS exploring the history of my grandmother and great grandmother. She was Myrle Carson, daughter of Furman Carson who came with his brother Andrew from New Jersey. So thankful that I found your site!

    • Welcome, cousin. As you have probably learned if you have read a couple of my Carson posts, I am a direct descendant of Furman’s brother, Andrew Carson and his wife, Anna Mary Hopkins from Trenton, New Jersey, through their son, also named Andrew. Andrew and Furman married sisters so that makes us double cousins! I spend a lot of my research time working the origins of the Carson family in New Jersey, more so than the time they spent in Kansas. I will reach out to you via e-mail if you don’t mind. I am glad you found my site.

  4. I am researching the Reed / Thompson family from Allegheny County Pennsylvania. I have several times run across the middle name of Bigham but cannot find a marriage connection that fits my tree. The Reed Thompson line begins in 1806 in Elizabeth Allegheny County PA. If anyone knows of a connection between someone in these families before this date please let me know.

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