1940 Census Indexing Update

The Genealogy Insider blog by Diane Haddad on April 10th gave us a nice update on 1940 census indexing to date by various entities. I was intrigued by the beautiful map on the FamilySearch.org 1940 census page, showing percent completion of indexing efforts state by state. Place your cursor on any state to view how much of that state’s census has been indexed. Below, you’ll see that 92% of the 1940 census for Kansas has been indexed  by volunteers in the ten days since the census was released. Amazing effort!

Map of U.S. showing census indexing efforts to date

It’s important to remember that this map represents indexing efforts of one group only. If you don’t find your state represented, check out some of the other links in Haddad’s blog to see what has been done by other groups. Join the volunteer indexing effort at https://the1940census.com/getting-started/.

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